Elabram Systems Group, the preferred engineering and information technology manpower service provider in the world with the total of US $230 Million worth of projects since its inception in 1999, providing services for Manpower Solutions Outsourcing (MSO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Network Planning & Optimization (NPO) with offices in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia relaunched its website https://blog.elabram.com, on August 8, 2016.

The new website features an easy to navigate drop down menu and a user friendly page for jobseekers. The objective of Elabram Systems Group is to help the applicants find their dream careers and to make it easier for the employers to find the right talents from more than 200 thousand pool of manpower from the company’s data base.

Award winning entrepreneurs from Malaysia and Indonesia, Mikel Yaw, Managing Director of Elabram Systems Group and Sunny Yaw, the Deputy Group Managing Director, both won multiple awards already that includes Fast Moving Companies Award – Golden Bull, Entrepreneur of the Year – Enterprise Asia and Outstanding Award of the Year in Indonesia – Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship. Mikel is coming to the Philippines on September 16, 2016 as presenter and as one of the panelists under “Asia HR Expo: The Digital Talent Acquisition” because he believes in the power of information dissemination online with the use of social media and websites.

The company is also very active in helping the applicants find their right career choices thus yearly participating at CommunicAsia and for this year at CommunicIndonesia on August 31 to September 3, 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and inviting everyone to visit them at booth # 130.

Elabram is currently hiring for Senior Network Planning Engineer. Log on to www.elabram.com/hris/member/home

According to Talent Acquisition Head of Elabram Systems in the Philippines, Ms. Anna Liza Valdez, who is also one of the speakers in a round table discussions at Asia HR Expo 2016, “We are expanding our expertise from Telecommunications to FMCG, Mining, Information Technology and Digital. When KPMG Company in the Philippines last year sent a confirmation letter that we’re one of the finalists under “Technology Company of the Year” in a local award giving body based on the financial capacity, impact in the global market and manpower skills, even with the multiple awards received already, we’re still excited because we always strive more to be known based on our skills and with the newly updated website as our platform, it will help us more to help the jobseekers.”

Elabram Systems Group is 6000 strong globally. For more information, contact [email protected], [email protected] or check the website at www.elabram.com. The company is hiring 200 manpower weekly for the biggest organizations in the world.

#FuelUpYourCareer with Elabram Systems Group, an award winning company from Malaysia. Get that job or your dream career. Visit www.elabram.com today!

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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