Just recently on October 1 to 2, 2016, Elabram Systems (Thailand) or EST went to the annual company trip. Heading to Nakon Nayok which is surrounded by trees and out from the city.  It is a small province in central Thailand, northest of Bangko. In the east are the mountains, forest and grassland of the vast Khao yai national Park, home to diverse wildlife including bears, elephants, macaques and rare friends.

The team traveled via bus early morning and took only 2 hours to reach the destination. It was very exciting to have a trip with all our colleagues who eventually became our friends and made a good time together.

When we arrived, The first activity in the itinerary is soccer. While the others are preparing for various sport equipment to donate for the countryside school. Some are getting ready to share their skills in Soccer. f course, the opening speech was from our Group Managing Director, Mr. Mikel Yaw and  to open also the soccer competition.

The first match was special because it’s between the “Back office team” and “Engineer team.”    We also prepared games during break time and specially done for those who were not joining the soccer game. We had so much fun together. Team Building at some sort. At 4pm, we went to residence, Bansuanbua Resort for our much awaited rest and relaxation after the long drive and sports activity. I think we are 5 pounds lighter.

At 6pm, we had a sumptuous buffet dinner courtesy of course of our Team Elabram Thailand.   A small program again and speeches done by the top management to epower and inspire more the team about the vision of the company.  We did awarded also those who won in the sports competition.

The overnight is a success with the objective to bond the whole Elabram Systems Thailand Team. We are definitely looking forward once more for the next year Sports Activity. More power to all and good luck Elabramers. We are owning this 2017. Let’s fuel it some more with determination and ISTARS.



AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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