There are lots of things happening around us and we must understand and accept that we can’t control external forces. It is easier to do this and if you realized that it is more beneficial, you will try to share it too to your friends and family. Having a better attitude or mindset about things are less stress and more enjoyable. Here are 3 ways to have better attitude about life;

  1. Accept that we cannot control all things- Our attitude is a product of all the things that happened to us. Whether good or not which we cannot control, our attitude is who we are. There are 24 hours in one day and whether we like it or not, even alone in your office, there are things that we cannot control like a bash from your co employee in your group facebook account. First thing you need to do is just to accept that we can’t control other people or some situations, what you can only control is your attitude towards it, how are you going to deal with that colleague. I suggest, to talk to that person to make everything clear or just unfollow, block or unfriend that person, that way, you cut the ties right away and at the same time, you will never see any negative bash anymore. Just move on, there are more than 100 million people in the Philippines alone or 7 billion people in the world, don’t stress yourself because one person doesn’t like you. Life is short, focus on important things in life.
  2. Be grateful and thankful-  You must always check your blessings; You have a good job, working 8 hours a day, a condo unit with a pool, your kids are enrolled in a private school and you can always watch movies with your family every weekends. Yes, you don’t have that sports car, not a multi millionaire and not spending vacations in the Alps but who cares? Being grateful and thankful with the good things in life that you are receiving must be enough and you are alive with a chance to get what your’e dreaming of. As what they say about Law of Attraction, be grateful and thankful and the Universe will give you more to be thankful and grateful for.
  3. Be confident- Life is so short not to achieve your dream. Life has a limit but your thoughts are limitless. Whenever I had a talk, I am telling everyone that there are so many opportunities around and that you can do all, as long as you are focus and you have your heart on that. Nobody will help you but yourself, so you need to have faith in yourself and the confidence to back it. Show to the world that you can do it. Shout it out loud. If you think that there is no window of opportunity, build a door. If you like to be a star, construct your own stage.


These are just three things that you can do for this 2017 and I am guaranteeing your success when you accomplished these three. Good luck!!!


AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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