In every organization whether big or small, there must be some guiding principles so that everyone are focus in achieving one and same goal. It is very important because we use this deeply held principles to choose between right or wrong and these values will help us make better decisions. In every job interviews, we usually asked about different situations to know the characteristics of the applicants or to understand if they are adaptable, team player, sincere or with integrity. Some of the workplace values that are very popular or rather important to have.

We all have our own workplace values and you can’t make sure always that each person values are perfectly aligned. Well, we all have different foundations, were from different families, different religions and different upbringing.

The new girl talks so much about anything, she’s the thin can, just replying to any topics even though she’s not familiar with the issues, just to be ïn” at the moment. He on the other hand is a loner, just focus on projects that either will build his status or achieve a public win. The problem is that it clashes in the core values of the team. What will be your take on this? änd you are wondering if you made a mistake hiring them.



Under Elabram Systems Group, we established ISTARS in order for the team to have our own guiding principles and came from the founder of the company.  This is to set the tone for the company’s culture.







When values are not aligned with the organization, people work towards different goals, with different intentions and with different outcomes. This can damage work relationships. productivity. job satisfaction and creative potential.

The problem for hiring in a hurry to fill the position is the inability to look deeper the background of the applicant. The hiring manager must have enough time and enough applicants to choose in order to get the right person to fill the position and fit in the organization. It’s important to identify and understand the workplace values of the applicants from the previous company, so that you can select new recruits who share the company’s values.

There are many fine values, such us courtesy, confidence, thrift and so on. So what are you going to do if one of the new recruits failed to align his with the group. Moreover, when the core values is so many, it becomes difficult to execute them or even memorize them. So better to just make what Elabram Systems Group did, easier to memorize, easier to understand– ISTARS.




AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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