You are so local, you never even been outside your province and now you are applying for a job in a multinational company. The hiring manager is a foreigner and you are nervous that you might not understand the questions because of the accent, your heart beats so fast and same time your hands are cold, the employer after the handshake will surely know that you are nervous.

Those are some of the mental and physical reactions every time there are job interviews or maybe it’s just me. The question must be, are you prepared? There is nothing to be nervous since it’s job another job interviews, they are all the same and the objective of the employers is just to get the right fit, in that short period of time, so impress him for 5-10 minutes, you might grab the career of your dreams.

There are so many tips on how to do well in a job interviews, let’s make it different this time, how about to check the 3 tips you ¬†should never do when applying for a job;

  1. Don’t submit a Resume or CV more than 3 pages. Don’t forget, the interview first is to catch the attention of the hiring manager. What makes you different from the rest, there are 100 of them waiting outside that room and the hiring manager doesn’t have that long time just to browse your resume that looks like a novel. be precise, put only what are necessary; Full name, address, email, phone number, first 5 companies your’e employed, schools and degrees, big achievements if necessary that can make an impact. If you caught the attention of the hiring manager, you will have the 2nd or final interview.
  2. Don’t dress up like you just woke up. First impressions last as they say and second is on how you communicate well with the hiring manager. Not all companies are equal, those Google or Facebook offices are far usually from the traditional type of set up in terms of clothing requirements. Some needs for you to dress up. I remember this CEO that he admires an applicant who dresses well especially that he has meetings always in the hotel, we don’t like our employees who looks like crap right? Sometimes, it reflects with the culture of the company too.
  3. Don’t share how much you hated your former Boss. There is always that question, why you are leaving the company? If your answer is about how you hated your Boss, say goodbye to your application. Don’t forget that the hiring manager is usually part of the top management and he usually put himself in that situation. The question can make the most seasoned interviewee squirm a little because of the first word; why. A question starting with ‘why” immediately places you in the defensive mode. It is always easy to say what you dislike about your current job but don’t go there. Most importantly, you want to demonstrate that you are professional. and will not talk bad against another company or your current Boss.


So there goes, the tips. I, myself interviewed hundreds of applicants and nothing beats those who are prepared, good communicator and those who are experienced.



AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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