In the Philippines alone, Facebook is the top media platform; 1.7 times more than TV, 2.1 times more than other online video platform and 4.6 times more than radio. Filipinos are 65% on mobile and 90% from 100 Million Filipinos are accessing Facebook via mobile. So imagine the reach and the things Facebook can do to your brand.

Facebook is the Philippines news source, product hub, mobile app venue, gaming spot and shopping space and 64% purchased something after discovery. Companies right now, big or small are utilizing the platform and not only that, spending an ample budget to reach the target clients via Facebook.

So, let’s talk about you. You have a small business, 35 years of age and would like to increase your customers. You are in this field for 5 years now and learned that some of the big businesses are using Facebook and earning from it. That company is generating 20% of it’s sales using E- Commerce and what is E- Commerce if there is no digital marketing right. You learned that 20% also is not small, it’s 46M out from 230M Total Sales in a year. So! Are you going to jump into bandwagon too? If your answer is yes, here are 3 tips on how you can increase your sales and your credibility as a brand using this free super duper popular, Facebook.

  1. Establishes another outpost for your business.- Creating an account to reach the target clients while promoting and building credibility online is way ok. Fifty (50) Million small businesses use pages globally. Whether it’s fashion or fitness, confidence or creativity, each business offers something to it’s customers and communities that no one else does. And Facebook is a platform that can help your business grown while your brand is getting stronger. Elabram Systems Group right now has 32,000 Facebook followers and hiring empowered applicants from it.
  2. Connects you directly to your customers and fans.- Gone were the days of spending too much of phone calls to reach your existing clients. You can send messages directly now, anytime and anywhere.
  3. Improves your SEO.- One thing that we, consumers likes to know when checking where to go or about any businesses is on how credible the company is and if you are not searchable online, so what are you? According to Facebook, “Google, through its new Social Search feature, and other search and decision engines are now indexing content created on sites like Facebook, so your fan page content has the potential to generate favorable search engine results for your business and brand.


Everywhere. Connected. Everyone likes to be everywhere these days especially where the clients are and one way to establish your brand at the same time to reach them is via Facebook. Don’t forget about the content also, they say, content is king. Even your personal Facebook account can be your platform for your business. Right now, your clients wants to connect with the CEO or the ones in charge. They like to understand the people behind the business and brand. So better start checking your statuses, again, as what they say, your post is who and what you are. It is your brand.


AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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