To share to all what happened during our holiday Christmas Party in Thailand under Elabram Systems Group, even it’s kinda late:), let me share to you what our team there sent to us.

“This is such a great time to make a good relationship between all of us before New Year begins. At the office, we provided lunch with dessert to enjoy together. Everyone prepared the stuffs for exchanging gifts and yes, we are all excited. Khun Mikel made a speech for the opening and then we started the party with raffles. We have so much fun and really excited. After that we took a break to have lunch and dessert and then we did the much awaited exchange gifts. We finished by 2 in the afternoon and then working again.”

The event, as simple it was, was a good experience for everyone to celebrate together since in  Thailand office, we have different cultures with our Filipinos and Srilankan team who are celebrating Christmas as tradition yearly.




AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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