Everyone is unique, with unique values and ideas. Employees came from different organizations too especially those who worked from different companies for years already before joining your organization. Some problems of the higher management is on how to motivate the organization so that they can be inspired to work and be in the company longer.

Been with different companies already and of course with different organizations and cultures. All the leaders of these companies set the tones and mostly is the reflection of the backbone of the organization, the employees. Keeping your employees motivated is challenging for business owner or manager but it’s necessary or else, the business might suffer. Employees wants to grow too and be inspired, that’s why some companies sent them to different conferences or summits to be inspired or be motivated. It’s the driving force that makes the people work harder, meaning, more productivity and will to work for the goodness of the company that leads to higher employee retention.

Here are 3 tips on how to keep your workforce excited going to your office everyday;

  1. Learning opportunities are enticing.

When Elabram sent me to Malaysia to attend the Social Media workshop, I am so excited. Nothing can beat the new learning and from industry leaders, not to mention to experience the different cultures and to meet your counterpart abroad. If you offer opportunities for advancement and improvement, your employees will be motivated to work harder. At Elabram, we have a chance to attend different expo and conferences.

2. Environmental motivators can make or break you.

How the head of the organization shape the work environment can make or break the workforce. Different companies have different cultures, it can be the traditional kind of management where the CEO likes to play as the “Dad” where he is the only one who can talk and implement any decision no matter what or a “Friend” who is there always guiding you and working with you like just a colleague. Check your workplace, if you think the current culture is not effective, you might like to slowly change it. We don’t like someone keeps on screaming in our face too right?

3. Transparency is the key to communication.

If you can speak freely to your Boss and comfortable doing it is one reason to stay in that company. Creating an environment of transparency is a plus because transparency builds trust. When people understand that they can talk to you for the progress of the company, that’s more likely to respect you as an authority and respect you as a leader.

People are unique and unpredictable but we need to understand that employees second home is the workplace. We likes to belong, we likes to be acknowledged, we have our own individual desires and complicated ideals. If you’re the boss and you think that your employees are not happy and that you keep on replacing them or the retention percentage is low, think again, check the culture you set on them.


AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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