Americans are into Superbowl but the whole world raved when singer Lady Gaga appeared for the half time performance fierce and without inhibitions. She owned the stage and even the stars on that event.

Oh! I watched the whole performance and it’s amazing. When Lady Gaga sings with her lungs out, cold on top of that building then suddenly jumped off the building without even batting an eyelash or a difference in her voice. Magical. Her dance moves, perfect! Look closely, it’s flawless. That’s talent and talent we all need to admire and emulate. The world is watching, the video goes viral and people are talking about it.  She mentioned that she prepares for it since she was 4 years old. A dream come true. Wow! So what are the lessons we can find here as people who are still striving for glory?

  1. Preparation

We do a lot of performance everyday, oh might not be on stage like what other celebrities are doing but we usually presented our projects to our colleagues, bosses or clients. We discussed also our ideas and proposals to our friends or superiors for approval. Nothing beats a person who is prepared whether you as the guest speaker or the one presenting a project that needs to be approved. Remember, you are in that position because of your skills or talent, use it in your advantage, grab that opportunity to be a star.

2.  Creativity

My strict professor in college told us to prepare 3 items for presentation. Some of my classmates, prepared two. They failed in that subject. I did three with a lot of designs and that’s when Powerpoint presentation is not yet that popular, okey don’t ask my age. My Boyfriend then is an IT genius and made me use a lot of tech devises in presentations. I am always exempted in many quizzes because of my creativity. I learned that exerting effort and walking an extra mileage is always a plus.

Lady Gaga delivered a gymnastic set, stood atop of Houston’s NRG Stadium with drones illuminating an American flag in the night sky above her, Lady Gag kicked off her Superbowl halftime set by singing God Bless America. She then swung down from the roof to a stage suspended on cables and embarked on a meticulously choreographed 13 minute set of her greatest hits.


3. Confidence

Oh the confidence. Did you observe how confident she was during her Superbowl performance? No inhibitions, no shyness and super fierce from her dance moves and yes, that acrobatic stunts. Lady Gaga performs her hit song “Born This Way,” her anthem for self- confidence. Check the lyrics and you can get a lot of self realization to do what you think reflects you.

“My mama told me when I was young, We are all born superstars,

She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on, In the glass of her budoir,

There’s nothing wrong with lovin who you are, She said, cause he made you perfect babe,

So hold your head up, girl and you’ll go far, Listen to me when I say…”


So there goes the performance of a lifetime, as for us, we have so many meetings, discussions, proposals and presentations to make, let’s all make it our performance of a lifetime too. Let’s all be the superstars, our mama would be glad.







AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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