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People are environmentalist by heart, I know it for a fact that nobody likes to die from pollution, from the flood or from the wildfire. We are not throwing waste just anywhere else and we like our children to be educated, to do what is right and we put sunscreens. No matter is your reason, I am sure, you like to save the environment if you have the opportunity.  Climate Change is undoubtedly the major environmental and social challenge of our generation. Real climatic changes are evident with the late years being the hottest on record, extended fires and a proved rise in sea level. Until now, global deliberation efforts have failed to change humanity’s direction and reduce Global GreenHouse Gas emissions. Climate change (also called ‘global warming’) is incorrectly assumed to involve a unidirectional change from cold to warm temperatures, while the true environmental ramifications of these changes have been revealed as leading to climate imbalance and thus should be properly referred to as “climate unrest.”

Companies usually allot time, effort and funds for their Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. If not, somethig must be wrong with the organization. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an evolving and dynamic framework that aims at aligning normative public expectations with the conduct of the business sector. It is not just a marketing tool, It is a fundamental ‘beyond compliance’ issue, as responsibility is associated with voluntarism.

According to the The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, “Corporate Social Responsibility  is a significant step; the corporate sector or any organization has rightly understood the approach as offering a vehicle to help society, among others, to combat the impacts of climate change and help make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable communities affected by this inevitable global phenomenon.”

Me as a person and as a workforce believe in the reality of climate change and the effectiveness of CSR. Not all employees have the chance to understand what really is happening in our environment but because of the effort of the company for awareness, if not all, but most employees will be enlightened about the conservation of energy, liabilities, rehabilitation or global warming. We need to understand what’s happening, we only have one world and we need to take care of the environment. The time to act is now.



AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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