Just recently this month, Elabram Systems Indonesia (PTES)  conducted a friendly visit at Muslimin Jaya Orphanage which is located at  Jalan Dr. Saharjo Gang Sawo IV RT. 003/07, No. 2 Sub-district of Manggarai Jakarta, Indonesia.

Mikel Yaw, the Group Managing Director of Elabram Systems Group mandated all offices around the globe to conduct our corporate social responsibilities yearly to different indigent communities to share the blessings of the company received all those years. Just recently also in the Philippines, we helped our blogger friend  who experienced a mental breakdown with a financial support and now was discharged in the hospital and living in his hometown in Iloilo.

Elabram Systems is making sure that we do an extra mileage to our clients and that’s why more blessings are coming our way and these things are just our way on giving back with the blessings received.





AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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