You are working 8 hours a day, 7 days a week and it’s like over and over again, no change and everyday, it’s like a routine day for you and always looking forward for that TGIF! As what they say, employees must have the right mindset also to succeed. Must be positive and must be grateful and thankful since that position you have right now? A lot are waiting for it, a lot are waiting for you to resign and to make it a vacant position.

I know some employees who are in their present company for more than 10 years already and yes, wow! Oh wow! I am sure she is enjoying and I would say, it’s the total package; Salary, Benefits, Colleagues and might be the infrastructure also. In other words, there are employees who are satisfied in their current situation. You can be too this year and not only that, you can be the star.


3 Tips On How To Be A Star Employee


  1. Staying Accountable

The best employees follow through on all the commitments they make to their teams.

To hold yourself accountable for all your promises, it’s important to identify your motivation, or a clear reason why the task should be done. You’ll also want to be aware of the consequences for completing the task and leaving it unfinished. Make sure you have a one-page plan in place, complete with deadlines, for achieving your goal.

2. Taking Initiative

Instead of waiting for the instruction, offer your opinion and assistance.

It’s about going beyond your job description and helping out with bigger projects underway at your company. Oh I met some employees checking their Job Description before doing anything else. I met also some star employees, doing an extra mileage for the company just because they like to make a difference.

3. Set Goals

Top employees set and achieve goals that exceed others’ expectations, and encourage coworkers to do the same. If there is one rotten apple in the basket, some might be rotten too but if somebody is always doing her best, she might encourage the rest. The organization is happy.

Though I believe that there must be a mutual understanding between the employee and the company, since I encountered also super toxic organizations, where I can’t blame the employees, the organization must exert also extra effort to make the company appealing and pleasing to the employees.

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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