You are excited to impress your new Boss. You are early, earlier than anyone else. You still don’t have any idea about the vision and mission of this new organization. You are wondering what projects you will have to prove that you are different and that you can succeed in this new company which after so many months of applying, you are one of them now.

It’s 9AM and all of them arrived. You were there 1 hour earlier than the rest and wondering if that’s how they usually start their day. Oh! you are prettier, taller and younger. Might be an edge or can be a disadvantage. The CEO of the company was the one who hired you and you are that confident that you are there because he trust your skills, attitude and behavior, oh well, yes, during that series of interview.

This is the real scenario now. A lot are acting like divas, but can you blame them? They are seniors and probably with 10 to 15 years already in that company. It’s like they are owning the floor. But here’s the truth. The culture is way different from the other companies you were with. People just don’t smile or approach you with the welcoming handshake. You are not nervous though because you’re thinking the Boss will be always in your side, well, in the first place, he keeps on telling you before that you might be the best from the rest.

Oh the culture. It’s family style of management. the Boss is a bachelor and conducting meetings from 9AM to 2PM. Oh em gee, your tummy is rambling already and now thinking why nobody is complaining. The Boss introduce you as one of the best hire, well after a month, you realize, most of your colleagues are routinely doing what they are doing best. You are not used in this kind of organization, what you’re gonna do?

Here are 3 tips on how to make it if you are new in the company;

  1. Focus on your project- You are there because the company needs your support.  never mind the gossip or even without that welcoming smile. You have your task that needs to be finished. Focus and have that expected output.
  2. Don’t be a know- it- all kind of girl- Yes, you are thinking you are the best among the rest but working in the organization is not a competition. I remember an event I attended. This new girl was trying to impress this CEO, not knowing that the CEO is just usually nicer than the rest for the new hire. You need to blend and learn to collaborate. You will not survive alone. Make friends and finish the job done.
  3. Don’t be afraid to take risk- Bosses likes to see employees who are doing an extra mileage. Whether you like it or not, they know what’s happening inside the company. They can see if you are making a difference or just the same apples like anyone else. Ask questions if you are new and learn from others especially those who have higher positions than you or working in the organization for years already. I am telling yeah, they know something that you don’t know. If the Boss asked you something which you think is not included in your JD, just accept it especially if it’s like peanuts to you. Bonus time is just near the corner.


Lesson Learned

Knowing the status quo is ok and following it is alright also. But the Bosses are looking for new blood and that’s why you are there. New employees often bring new ideas and aren’t afraid of suggesting new ways to do things differently and often…better. As for me, I attend events and check what are the new ways to improve what’s already the standard. As what they say, you must improve your skills also and apply.

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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