Another milestone again for Elabram Systems Group for recognizing as the Best Global Full- Service Resourcing Firm under Acquisition International: Business Excellence Awards 2017.



Elabram Systems is an ICT specialist offering a wide range of services to clients around the world. Congratulations to Elabram Systems Group Managing Director and Co- Founder for bagging this award and the following is the story behind it’s success.

Founded in 1999, Elabram Systems has 18 years of business experience in ASEAN region providing its services to ICT sector; specialized in Manpower Solution Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Network Planning & Optimization and Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

The firm has 80 employees in Malaysia and more than 400 employees in the region, with around 3500 consultants outsourced from clients. These staffs have driven the firm to achieve more than 188 project management with value of USD 238 million, has managed more than 12,000 talent placed and has collected more than 220,000 resumes in the span of 18 years in the region. Elabram’s key global clients are Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, Philips, Fujitsu, China Unicom, Hilti and Asus. Mikel outlines how the firm works to ensure that these clients always receive the very highest standard of service when they work with Elabram.

“Elabram has three core principles that are first focusing on People, second on Process and third on Technology. Ever since Elabram was granted MSC status in year 2014, we have been very active cultivating innovation in the organization and to make it part of our culture and be one part of our core values. Elabram’s innovation start from business processes where we had many work processes requirement coming from clients and also processes to ensure good quality standard of services, for cost efficiency and meeting the requirements of health, safety and environment standards.

“In order to provide clients with the very best solutions and services, we have trained and dedicated recruitment consultants who knows job requirement well to manage and deliver right talents; with the good pool of database and network globally we are able to tap into unrivalled pool of local and global talent to provide more talents choice for clients. In addition, with our effective process and ERP systems – E-Workforce; we are able to reduce clients’ time to hire and manage performance through better data analytics and systems connected to Mobile apps, IOT and Wearables. We also provide dedicated quality care for candidates and workforce on on-boarding process to ensure smooth

transition is of our priority.”

Mikel firmly believes that “People Come First” and he implements this approach through empowerment, strong leadership and team work, ensuing his staff are driven to success, as he explains.

“Fundamentally, People, Process and Technology are key factors for business success and having the right People first is the most important factor to make best Process and Technology. Therefore, my ongoing goal is to grow continuously in all functions and to make this a great organization for people.”

So far, Elabram Systems has started to brand itself in the global market by participating in international tradeshows like LTE World Summit in Amsterdam in June 2014, LTE North America in Dallas in November 2014, LTE Middle East in Dubai in May 2015 and CommunicAsia in Singapore in 2016 and 2017. This marketing campaign creates brand awareness and also allows for business penetration in Europe, America, Middle East and Asia. Elabram Systems plans to market its’ MSO – Manpower Solutions Outsourcing, NPO – Network Planning and Optimization, KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing and BPO – Business Process Outsourcing globally.

Moving forward, the firm is keen to continue driving growth, supporting its workforce to ensure continued success as it seeks penetrate the international markets even further, as Mikel concludes.

“Elabram is highly engaging with people as the key workforce and main driver of the business performance. With this the Manpower Solutions Outsourcing services has created E-Workforce System from internal HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) and IWS (Innovative Workforce Solutions) for better work integration and communication systems. The E-Workforce comprised of hiring right talents for clients and managing the talents performance during their service outsourced duration to clients. The E-Workforce has Client Based System, Recruitment System, BackEnd System and Dashboard Report. E-Workforce able to reduce your time to hire and manage performance through better data analytics and systems connected to Mobile apps, IOT and Wearables.

“To ensure clients receive the solutions that they need, going forward Elabram’s Technology Team will study and analyse the needs of customers and custom designed towards customer’s requirements. The cycle of design thinking, research and development, and iteration will be cultivated to ensure continuous development and innovation for better solutions. The benefit of the innovation is not only for better return of investment but to create good health, safety and environment to the workers, employers and customers. It’s also to create better new job employment for new workers to be able to be trained on the job with mobile devises and wearable technology in placed. Besides enable Elabram as a Malaysian company to be recognised globally of the Innovative Workforce Solutions that Elabram provide.”

Acquisition International – Business Excellence Awards 2017

The esteemed Business Excellence Awards were introduced to acknowledge and reward the exceptional work and the results gained by the trailblazers of the corporate domain, in the face of an ever increasing competitive market.

2017 Business Excellence Awards seek out the leading lights of the business industry, looking for those whose creativity, commitment, experience and strong leadership has helped them achieve success in an increasingly challenging corporate climate. The purpose of these awards is to recognise and honour the most respected companies along with their C-Level executives within a variety of industries, whilst rewarding remarkable success in all its forms throughout the international business community.

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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