Just recently last April 21, 2017 in Thailand. Our team visited some of our unfortunate brothers and sisters in Nonthaburi and prepared a simple meals for them. Even far, our team decided to conduct the feeding program there to prove that distance will not hinder us if we really likes to help and to share. Our team which includes our Group Managing Director and Co- Founder Mikel Yaw joined the event and  gave a helping hand.

We believe that in sharing and to give more, we received more. Anyway, everyone in the team not just in Thailand but also in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are very grateful and thankful with the everyday blessings we are receiving. We believe also that our ancestors are guiding us in every single steps and the highest above are looking and checking every single nice deeds we are doing. let us share to you some proverbs to inspire you also.





AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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