We are so grateful and thankful for the long weekend courtesy of our May 1, 2017 celebration of Labor Day and if you will ask us in the Philippines, it’s not 3 days weekend but 4 days because of the ASEAN Summit last April 28, 2017. The Philippines is the chair for the 50th celebration. It’s a GOOD MORNING here in the other side of the world even though the traffic congestion is well, a problem for commuters.

It’s May 2, 2017 and yes we arrived in our office and as career advise experts agree that saying “Good Morning”should not be difficult especially to your co workers whom you are with 8 hours a day for 5 days in a week. It’s not a requirement but it’s better than a total silence which actually occurred nowadays. Don’t be like them, well, hmmm unless, one of them tried to stabbed you last time…it’s a metaphor:).

Don’t become part of this trend.¬†Being positive and jolly always has it’s advantages.

  1. Ethics- In the Philippines, when we have grandparents who lives by tradition, greetings is one way of respect. When I stayed in the USA for more than 5 years, I realized that my neighbors were very polite, they always say Hi or Hello. Well, it’s nicer than nothing at all. It’s same as saying “Thank You.” I would say that, it’s also a good behavior especially at work.
  2. Being friendly- Saying “Good Morning”makes us more human. There are real people in your office. Even in your Social Media followers you are posting this in the comment section, why not use it in real life.
  3. Recognition- Greeting somebody is like recognizing her presence. As what they say, don’t do to others what you don’t like others to do unto you. Your co worker is there in front of you when you arrive at the door, say Good Morning. It’s also one way to project positivism and good interpersonal skills.


The start of each new day is a blessing. the sun rises, you opened your eyes which means the start of new life. Whether we like it or not, you are somebody’s co worker also. No matter who you are, who we are, what we do, where we work. Saying “Good Morning”is not a hard task to do or not a requirement but it will make a big impact to your success, why not?

If you can’t even say “Good Morning”, it’says a lot about your foundation, about you….


AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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