A lot of success right now as we read it from the newspapers and around the blogosphere started in one little garage, different garages anyway. Name it and most of the founders because of the lack of capital, did it in a humble facility elsewhere. Hey! did you know that Elabram Systems started everything in 1999 at the founders garage also? Before I spill the beans, check this article from austinchronicle.com, wow! a lot happened in 1999.

Top 3 technology stories that happened in 1999

1. Electronic commerce is a hit! People started buying a lot of their stuff online this year. E-commerce looks more and more like a killer app, though there are obvious kinks in both the technology and the service. Then again, the Wright Brothers weren’t in the air all that long.

2. Apple’s worm-free comeback via the iMac. Steve Jobs makes Apple a player again with the iMac, the first truly sexy personal computer.

3. Microsoft antitrust suit. Bill went to court, and the judge slapped him upside the head, figuratively speaking, with his findings of fact. But in finding that Microsoft’s practices were monopolistic, the judge was only stating the obvious, no?

So! The technology plays a vital role in every successful companies nowadays and that is why Elabram Systems Group (ESG) believes that incorporating and managing the whole company with the help of technology is very important thus we embraced it with an open arms. Just recently, on May 8 to 9, 2017, one of the Co- Founders of Elabram Systems Group, Mikel Yaw did a technology talk for selected IT employees to understand more about the high tech role in the management and for the whole organization. Some of the objectives are as follows;

  1. To be updated in the current technology landscape not only in Asia but beyond
  2. To inspire andd excite the target audience about the new innovations under Elabram Systems Group that will be launched soon.
  3. For the job applicants to help them with a fast engagement using ESG portals.

It’s good to work in Tech right now especially if the management believes that it will drives innovation to achieve the objective. It feels good to be in demand and in harmony with the current trends of the industry. Since Elabram Systems is doing recruitment right now under Manpower Services Outsourcing (MSO), the technology can help more to provide better insight on employer and employees communications.  One advantage also is that technology can help recruitment agencies make searching for applicants simple and fast.




The secret of success right now is technology. As what they say, you need to adapt to last longer especially if you are not disrupting. You need to be different and equip your people with the right tools. Of course, hard work, perseverance and a lot more of the values need to be incorporated. It’s a complete package. That’s what Elabram Systems is all about.


AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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