I am very thankful and grateful to Peoples Management Associations of the Philippines or PMAP, the biggest association of Managers and Human Resources Professionals in the country with more than 1500 members and counting for inviting me as one of their resource speakers at their recently concluded summit ” HR Best Practices from Global Players” and was held at Ace Hotel in Pasig from 9AM to 5PM last May 25, 2017.

The lineup of remarkable speakers includes Mr. Sheel Majumdar, HR Director of Microsoft Philippines, Emma Valeros Cruz, Regional HR Director of Dole- Asia Company Limited, Colin Blackwell, Chairman of the HR Committee of Vietnam Business Forum and of course me who discussed about Digital HR.

Almost 100 participants attended the summit and yep! I learned a lot from the other speakers too. topics other than Digital HR under me includes; Building a future ready organization culture, Managing regional HR functions and Cultural diversity: Asset or Liability.”

Most of the topic tackled about technology and its power in recruitment, sourcing of talents and the technology benefits on how to make everything connected. New digital technologies enable greater integration and flexibility- allowing employees to have a greater share of voice, and the ability to create their own work experience. Digital is poised to radically disrupt HR, and redefine the human resource function. According to statistics, if the manpower are digitally connected, there is more engagements compares with companies that are still not connected.

In sourcing of talents, Elabram Systems is very active online. We got quality manpower from different groups which members are our target applicants. The official website of the company also helps different applicants to readily submit their Resumes or CVs. In todays technology, it gives us more access and faster connection with bigger reach. Let me share to you some slides I used in my presentation.



AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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