I am so impressed with the public speaking and motivational skills of Gary Vaynerchuk, I would say that I am a huge fan, really huge and that is why I am sharing this to all of you. He inspires me, I am fascinated with his thoughts, the contents he is sharing whether via Podcasting, his Facebook account or on stage.

According to him, if you are a human being, you won the F Lotto. Well, I just told to my 3 teen kids today to be thankful for being  human beings, they are not trees or a car or even plants. Alexis, the youngest of them all replied  “What’s wrong for being a tree?,” Well, I told her that, there’s nothing wrong for being a tree but they just stood there and can be cut and no choice unlike them who can grab all the opportunity and can do whatever they want.

My point in this story is there is nothing to complain about. Complaining according to Gary Vaynerchuk can only gives us zero return of investment. If you don’t have a job today, well apply, there are many opportunities around which you might just need to open your eyes to see that all are just in front of you. If you want to be successful, be what the other successful people are doing and that’s what the masses or the majority are not doing- Consistency. According to Gary, he doesn’t think that he is that talented but if you work harder, you will achieve success.

What I am telling to everyone, how awesome we are to be here in this world with all the opportunity especially in this internet era giving us so much time to shoot up. This internet thing created so much opportunity. It’s Tuesday today and think how awesome we have today. You are a human being, be crazy.


AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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