I am a Facebook addict I would say, checking my timeline from time to time to see if somebody tag me or to check if one of my campaigns got plenty of likes or there are messages in one of the fan pages where I am one of the administrators. As the one in charge in Marketing and mostly Digital and for Advertising, it is a must to be online. I started using Facebook in 2009 when I am still taking up my Post Graduate Degree in Engineering. My classmate added me and that’s the time where everything changes. In 2010 I met my first Facebook online friend offline in Tagaytay.

So to have a meeting at Facebook Singapore office is an achievement already for me because of the popularity and buzz about the office of this tech giant, just so you know, their Co Founder, Mark Zuckerberg is just one of the top 10 Billionaires in the world. Well, if you have the biggest database on the world, that’s your strength. Located at South Beach Tower along Beach Road with an amazing view of the Marina just minutes away from the Suntec City commercial hub, that’s where this giant is located.

My main purpose of the meeting is to collaborate. Not to mention to really check what’s the buzz is all about. At the reception, as was greeted by a Filipina (because she spoke in Tagalog) and told me that office is in the 21st floor. On the 21st floor, there are tablets where you are going to sign up with details of who you are meeting with. I waited for 5 to 10 minutes and the Philippines lead for Small and Medium Business approached me with a nice welcoming smile. We went inside and lead me to the Facebook Wall where I left my signed a message for posterity.


Leaving a message at the Facebook wall


What’s nice in the office is the real time huge touched enabled screen where you can find an updated information about the Facebook statistics per country. I need that because I do digital Marketing workshops in the Philippines and these statistics helps a lot of the participants. Though there are games such as Mahjong set, kitchens with coffee and munchies with beers  and comfy couches, I am not kinda impressed since a lot of Manila offices have the same activities and designs. I worked in one of the biggest online gaming company in the world and I must say, that office is also world class.


Paolo and me as he explains the Philippine statistics landscape


The Facebook office is only 2 years old in South Beach Tower Singapore which opens on August 2015. The city is home to Facebook’s Asia Pacific headquarters since 2010 but they moved to a larger office. What’s unique is actually the Vending machines with all the tech accessories you need like keyboards, mouse, batteries, USBs etc, so as an employee, you will not have any reasons of delay.


While having coffee at Facebook Singapore. Check the amazing view. 


The main attraction is actually the view of Marina Bay with the Singapore Flier, Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Art Science Museum to name the few skyscrapers to see while having coffee inside the Facebook office. When the meeting room became available for us, Paolo, the Lead for SMB Philippines discussed and updated us on how we can utilize Facebook more. In the Philippines with more than 100 Facebook users, 63% uses Facebook monthly, that’s huge,  imagine your target clients are there? You just need to know how to be visible more in Social Media and  according to Paolo is using the Facebook Manager Ads other than the usual boosting.


Inside the meeting room


Overall, got  takeaways which I will apply to my next workshops and for digital marketing or social media marketing. Lets do it!




Tech Vending Machine – Photo: Mashable


Philippines Statistics



AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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