Public Speaking according to many is the most feared activity in your lifetime more than death, do you agree? This basically is because most of us are more concerned on what others may think or the fear of rejection. So it basically boils down to not really what we can do or achieve but on what others might think? Something is wrong right? Fear of rejection is just one sample that’s holding you back. So what if;

  1. Forget other people
  2. Focus on your goals
  3. Focus on your family
  4. Focus on success
  5. Grab that opportunity no matter what


What do you think will happen? Yep! you are right, with luck and support of the family, you are one fuc*ing successful. According to my idol – Gary Vaynerchuk who is one of the best marketing guru in the world in this generation;

  1. Forget about those negative comments on Social Media,
  2. Do your thing,
  3. Enough,
  4. It doesn’t matter what they think,
  5. Please take the passion,
  6. Do something,
  7. Don’t worry about other peoples comments or opinions,
  8. Run with it,
  9. Leave that sh*t in high school, it’s time to go.


“Excuses are the currency that allow you not to act.”– Gary Vaynerchuk

Photo- Gary Vaynerchuk Facebook Account

If only our kids will have those in mind, imagine the success they will achieve. Once upon a time, I had fears also and I am grateful and thankful that I overcome it. There is always time for everything, and I am telling you this, you can achieve success fast if you will act now. Just do it!


AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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