Better communication in the organization plays a vital role in the success of any companies. When “employees” feel “in the know, they have a greater satisfaction level about the workplace. It’s like the feeling that “you belong” in the organization.

When I am still in my construction company handling 30 manpower per project, in meetings, the lead man, carpenters, mason, electrical engineers, painters, civil engineers down to the helpers, when we had meetings, everyone must be there. The main objective is that, the building construction will not be finished without the help or accomplishment of each and everyone or else it will be discontinued. The painter must know the accomplishment done of the mason for them to have an idea when to start their work, the mason must know the accomplishment of the electrical engineers so that they can proceed in their wall plastering, it’s about team effort and collaboration.

In a corporate side, we have “Town Hall Meetings.” The agenda usually is reporting the accomplishments, new objectives, celebrating birthdays, acknowledging new team members or even announcement of new projects. Under Elabram Systems Group, it is every quarter in Indonesia, the biggest team under Elabram Systems Group. Just recently Ms. Annie Bahwanie, the  Deputy Group Finance and Operation Director did the opening remarks and reported  information about the sales of the previous quarter and discussed also about the  planning for annual training & company trip for this year.

Other discussions was explained by different team members and as follows;

  • Kartika – HR Staff, she reminds all staff in Indonesia to submit their employee survey on or before 24th July 2017.
  • Introduced new staffs who joined from  of April 2017 to June 2017. They shared their insights and observation during the 3 months of their stay in the company.
  • April 2017 to June 2017 Birthday celebrants were acknowledged.




Other benefits also of Town Hall Meetings;

  • Engagements between the top management and rank and file employees in one roof.
  • Meeting personally new team members, getting to know them.
  • Exchanging of ideas
  • Allow time to network among team members
  • Establish camaraderie


Companies or any organizations must have meetings like Town Hall Meetings to boost employees morale also according to research. Elabram Systems Group all around the world not only have regular Town Hall Meetings but also encouraging the team for out of town team building or workshops to improve more the relationship of all team members.

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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