One of the most effective business tools available and can be used is still email blasting. Ever wonder why the founder of  Facebook is one of the worlds billionaires? yep! It’s because of the database. Mark just announced that Facebook users as of last month is 2 Billion. Imagine 2 Billion contact details? That you cannot ignore.

Imagine if you have 2 Billion emails in your database? Most of us are familiar with emails and if the subject is catchy and relevant, we open it. That is why we are into networking, meeting new people and exchanging business cards. Despite of so many ways to connect with your primary target clients, anytime and anywhere online, email blasting is still one effective tool to reach your target clients.

In the Philippines where 114 Million Filipinos in 2015 are using mobile phones even though the population is 100 Million, only proves that more Filipinos are mobile users with 2 or more gadgets. This only proves that we can connect with most of our target clients faster than in any generations because of being portable and even on the go plus do not forget the notification that always pops up whenever you received an email. With more and more consumers going mobile, we are now staying connected 24/7.

Here are 3 reasons why we need to still use email blasting;

  1. Targeted Clients

We sent an email only to those we are thinking will be interested in the content. We can filter the addresses right away and at the same time, the receiver will find the content relevant. Marketing emails is highly targeted and personalized down to the individual user level.

2.  The reply

Do not forget that once the receiver sent a reply, you caught his attention already and interested,  it means to say that he might be in front of the computer, laptop, mobile phone or screen so the idea that if you reply back, he can see it again and that’s one way to engage and to close the deal.

3. Measurable

If you will compare the other tools with email marketing, you can measure better the success rate in email blasting since you control the quantity and database.

Do not forget that there is a strategy in content also. It must be well crafted, the subject line is catchy and not too long. If possible, the content must be 50 to 100 words only with the complete data and call to action. You must ask yourself  ” If I am the one who received the email, am I going to read it?.” Your hunch or instinct is right, do not ever doubt it.


AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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