In every organization, I would say that you cannot please everyone. You might say that even though how hard you tried, there are people who are annoying, show off or in other words, people who you cannot control. You find them difficult and yes, you are not alone.

Working with difficult people isn’t uncommon. But it can be a major distraction at work, removing the joy out of an otherwise good work experience. Oh yes, especially if that person is in front of you. WTH! and when that person laugh, you find it so loud and irritating also, you are thinking a witch is laughing.  But halt! let me share to you how to cope up;

  1. Ignore, ignore, ignore- I know right, hard to do it especially if you tend to join the whole team for lunch,  a blabbermouth, a thin can who talks so much even though for you, all that person mentioned was nonsense, discussions out of nowhere. Be thankful you have that job anyway. Just prove your worth.
  2. Distance- You don’t need to talk to that person, focus on your job and projects.
  3. Don’t expect- Oh that person knew that you hate the guts so don’t expect a nice hello or a helping hand.
  4. Realize that you don’t have the same heart – Yes, you helped that person land that  job and now  biting you. No gratitude and ungrateful? That’s usual. Sometimes we need to understand that people are really like that, most of them. It might be coming from the way he/she brought up.

Once you understand that the reason you don’t get along is a difference in values, and that values create judgment, the realization can take the emotion out of the situation. One thing to burst that emotion of yours also.

Don’t ever forget also the workplace values that you need to follow, respect is the key, yes, we cannot please everyone and we only can control our attitude, so better to just understand that it’s nothing personal especially in workplace. What you just need to do is focus and be grateful that people are there either to teach us a lesson or as a blessing. We need to move forward and always be a blessing to our family and to others.

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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