Since the start and innovation of the internet for the public consumption, the workplace evolve at the same time from employees faster and more engaging communication up to the use of robots and automated tools to accomplish the job in it’s new heights.

This time around, Elabram Systems Indonesia (PTES) went to a company trip to Bali and stay at lv8 Bali Resort. The event was held from 12th to 14th of October 2017 with the theme,  Transform the future with ISTARS”. This is to recognize the hardwork of the team over the years and serves also as a team building to promote more the camaraderie among the employees. ISTARS is the acronym of the workplace values of Elabram Systems Group ESG) which was launched 4 years ago which was serves as the team guidelines.

According to PTES, “We use this season to reward employees for their hard work and effort spent for work throughout the year. We had a sumptuous dinner, and continued with lucky draws, rewards & recognition for the best employees. There were performances to entertain everyone and awards was given for the best performances on that night.”



Over the years, the company encouraged everyone to be a digital savvy to empower more the team to engage with the clients and coworkers fast.  Another productivity increase comes from today’s mobile apps that provide a direct communication with everyone, one way for employees to enhance their workplace experience.

Elabram Systems all over the world is promoting a hyper-personalized employee services and work environments. Elabram launched this year the E portal in which filing leaves are easier and with faster approval rate than before since it is paperless. Digital operations are making it possible to individualize the workplace experience more than ever before.

For this year, the programs and initiatives came from Indonesia team, the biggest manpower of ESG. Elabram povides the following services; Manpower Solutions Outsourcing (MSO), Business process Outsourcing (BPO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Network Planning & Optimization (NPO).

Photos from the event;





AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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