I am so fortunate to be in different organizations and associations. I would say, aside from the advocacy and lot’s of fun to serve the humanity in our own little way, oh you wouldn’t believe that one organization I am with objective is to prevent war and yes, it’s expensive too to pay different annual dues as a member.

One perk I supposed is to be part of the whole, where your decision is highly appreciated especially if you are part of the board. Also, another perk is to learn from the members who are leaders already, some of them billionaires.

I am very observant, whether online or offline. I don’t try to please anyone since I know that whether you do a holy did, you will still be criticized anyway, so I just do what I have to do, to be myself all the time. It’s the uniqueness in us that’s separates us with others so I didn’t tried to fit in in the first place.

For years of being with these billionaires, here are the things I can share;

  1. They are frugal. They don’t want to see an open light if nobody is in the room or if they saw their fliers on the floor, they tried to pick it up. For the food also, as much as possible, to share.
  2. They were impressed with great talents but they judge you by your integrity. They can buy everything, that’s for sure and they can hire the smartest person in the room but they like to be with people with integrity.You might not be the best of the best but at least can tell them the truth even though it’s not pleasing to hear.
  3. They like to see you succeed. They are happy to share their expertise and are always in full support. They attend events and participate in discussions.
  4. They put their eggs in different baskets. Most of them are in real estate, hospitality and food. They don’t settle to just one company or industry. They are basically everywhere.
  5. Their kids in top school. As what they say, foundation is the key. After high school, their kids usually are living outside the country already for their college degrees and continue the post graduate degrees also abroad.


There you have it. If you are a budding entrepreneur, you might like to follow them, most of them in Social Media also sharing some thoughts of wisdom. Goodluck!

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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