Oh yes! Were at the end of 2017 now and as usual, even though we had a good year, we still wish to have a better one for this coming 2018. Recognizing changes is as good and important as the actual wish of change. It means to say that you are determined to work it out. That’s what you need right now, a thought that will fuel the deeds.

I just post today actually on my Facebook about mine- Gym, Less Buffet, More Tea and a mindset to change that more food will solve the other problems at work, family or even well, weight. I know it’s absurd but most not just me when you asked them why their wasit line is like balooning, they fast to blame the problems.

When we make the list, that’s what we love to attain but are those doable? I would say yes, just a need to have a focus and a lot of sacrifices. By outlining the resolutions, it means to say that it is very important to you. The new year allows a time for reflection and planning on the execution, thanks for a friend in need in the name of Josephine Mazotes, we have the same goal today.

Just a little story about determination in losing weight, I am like 140 pounds when I first had my first born, in USA, I tried to lessen the food intake, less sugar, less carbohydrates and exercising every 30 minutes per day and that includes sweating, not just stretching while watching your favorite movie on TV. From 140 pounds to 100 pounds in 6 months, yes I did it and if I did it before, I can do it now. It’s December 28 today and I am planning to do this during lunch later, the start of my resolutions an dwell, I am writing about it, so I need to have an integrity:) and I do really care about my body and health.

In every change, there is always a resistance but in your new year resolutions, you control it. We love a fresh new start and making new goals is as exciting as having a new boyfriend. Oh come on! It’s sweet and planning with your loved one is always the best. It’s same as setting a goal for your new year’s resolution. as what they say, in achieving happiness, you control it.

So why the new year resolutions matters? The exercise of the mind and goal setting can make a difference and can focus performance in a unique and productive ways. It can give you new perspective, a change you are all waiting for and a healthier life.

Happy New Year!!! 2018 will be BIG!! But I am determined to have a smaller waist line!


AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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