Time of the year again where lots of celebrations and year end parties were celebrated, yep! Last week. It’s done now and time to execute all the plans. Though today, there’s no harm in bringing back what happened before the end of 2017, the “Year End Celebration of Elabram Systems Indonesia” where the biggest manpower for Telecommunication, Information Technology and even Mining came for the group.

PT Elabram Systems organized a small event with a different activities this time- Watching a movie to lift the mood and spirit in the office,  That is so fetch right? How many companies have a movie during their celebration and attended by the  Deputy Head of Manpower Solutions Outsourcing (MSO) Department, Mr. Benjamin Phang and MSO Senior Manager  Mr. Kukandi who eventually gave an information about the2017 achievements and the plan for 2018.


 An office celebration is a great indication of how the company appreciates the work of the team who are the backbone of every organization . It further creates the ideal platform for staff and associates to network, share ideas, give feedback and voice their appreciation for each other’s hard work.

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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