Millennials today are impatient because of the accessibility of information, into social media and tech startups. Most of them especially in the Philippines are working in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies or being crazy as part of the Startup Ecosystem founding their dream companies to disrupt the products or services from the usual.

Deciding on a career path after graduation is not hard to some especially those who are passionate on the course they took. Some who graduated and passed the board as an accountant will definitely be employed initially before having his own company. Sometimes, it depends on the availability of the funds we have in the bank, if it can support already your own company.

I myself since my parents owned a construction company definitely went straight to theirs because of the availability of resources and the fact that I am the Boss right away. Easier right though eventually created my own company which was the service arm of theirs.

We have different choices, capabilities and resources, but definitely, the choice if we like to be an entrepreneur or an employee is our decision, whether we like it or not. We are often encourage to find a good job, a good boss or a good facility as part of the overall decision, yes, we are picky nowadays. The biggest difference between employment and Entrepreneurship is the control. If you are employed, you are bound to follow the instruction or task of the company while if you are the one in charge of your own company, your time and decision is solely yours.

Being self employed means you don’t expect monthly salary, you control all from the profits and the projects you’ll engage. You are responsible for the financial cost, marketing, gaining customers and even hiring employees. As an employee, you are guaranteed for the monthly salary. You don’t need to know about the issues of other departments and you don’t need to think about the project during weekends.

Whether you’ll choose entrepreneurship or employment, choose wisely. A lot are successful being an employee. A lot also being an entrepreneur. The choice is still yours.



AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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