In Marketing, it’s all about sharing about the products and services of the different companies which main objective is to have profit while convincing the target users that, it is the product or services they particularly need. On the other hand, all entrepreneurs alter ego is to help the community. That’s being human. If we can help the world by giving solutions to their problems, that would be awesome.

Not a lot of marketers or to be specific, influencers can really convert the campaigns into sales. It’s not about how many likes or shares but for how much money does the store received from that campaign. There must be something wrong. Well, that according to a professor from Ateneo Manila University when I attended the seminar last time.

Have you heard about empathy? It is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It means that the capacity to place oneself in another position. It is an emotional state. Some are into this particular movie because she felt a connection and inspired by the portrayal of the actors. In a movie, The Greatest Showman, when Keala Settle performed “This is me,” the lyric犀利士
s and the whole music became the anthem of the movie. A lot of us are outcasts in our own little community and so inspired with the song thus it became a hit on the charts. We can relate to P.T. Barnum “Oddities” led by the Bearded Lady.

But anyway, so what is all about being authentic? For me, being yourself is less stress, happier and good for the heart. You don’t need to pretend, you don’t need to brand yourself with somebody you are not. The uniqueness of everyone is what makes us human and what made us being loved by our partners. Why I am telling this? It’s about the products and services, you can’t sugar coat what is real, the consumers will know.

Companies oftentimes tried to show the strength of the organization which is a good thing to promote the company and showing the weaknesses of course is not appropriate. However being genuine might be your strength. Nobody is perfect anyway.

One example of how brand authenticity can be profitable is the campaign from Dove. The “Real beauty” campaign transformed Dove from just a soap company to a company with a vision showing real women as models.

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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