On March 24, 2018 at Greensun Hotel, Makati City, Philippines, I attended the “Hack To The Future” Tech Summit 2018 as one of the speakers to discuss about Blogging and as the moderator of the 1st panel discussion where MyPhone, BBulletin and Brown& Proud as organizers invited successful entrepreneurs and tech experts to share their expertise to 800 students and professionals that includes also Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) Companies as participants.

In my discussion about Blogging, I discussed the 10 websites (Lazada, Facebook, Google, Philippine Daily Inquirer and  Wikipedia to name a few) in the Philippines where most Filipinos visited and in which if you like to campaign your products or services, try to advertise in these websites since more than 60M Filipinos are using Social Media that’s why we are called the Social Media capital of the world.

I added also the benefits and on why need to engage with Bloggers such as the following;

  • Bigger reach. It’s not just local but global reach as when a blogger publish an article, the reach is worldwide.
  • Fast. Bloggers can post live tweets and can publish the article within 5 minutes. Unlike other medium like print that needs a lot of preparation like approval from the editors, layout and printing that usually take 2-3 days.
  • Affordable. Most Bloggers are professionals too and has it’s own rates but always negotiable and rates if compared to traditional media is way much cheaper. Some can even accept ex-deals or the products and services of the clients.

My takeaway actually is on how to be successful not just in Blogging but also in life. One must know how to ask questions so that everything will lead to clarity. He or she must know how to know the problem to solve it. The same as any successful people, grabbing opportunity is a must, you never know, this will lead you to a greater heights. Lastly, in attending events such as “Hack To The Future,” it’s not also just about learning but networking. As what they say, your network is your networth.



AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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