It is easy to belong in one organization. It is easy to just pay for the membership fee. It isaeasy to say that you are part of it but volunteerism is different, you need to arrive to be there, to actually be able to help and to effectively be part of the organization.

This caught my attention as I belong to different association in the Philippines, as part of the board of trustees under American Association of the Philippines, as the Vice President under Makati Tourism Foundation Inc, as the President of Kiwanis Club of Makati, as the President of La Consolacion College Pasig- Parents Teachers Council and as a member of different organizations.

It is not easy to be part of these organizations, what more as part of the top management where they all expect you to lead. It is not just about the position, it is how effectively you will execute all the suggested projects to help the communities.

Elabram Systems Group where I am part of the top management in the Philippines helps so much not just a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR but also  genuinely  helping those in need, around the globe, we focus on orphange as those are so unfortunete to be left behind by their family whether they are young or old.

I am so impressed also with Kiwanis International, I saw how passionate they are in helping the children, they reach out and with common advocacy, to help one kid at a time. I know that some will raise their eyebrows but the question is, what did you do to help others? Genuine or not, these advocates and volunteers effectively shared their precious time, effort and I would say even money, hello!! They need to pay all without expecting anything in return.

On the other hand, American Association of the Philippines with the incumbent chair, Rick Sobrevinas is the epitome of a leader. Somebody who I think is hard to beat or to replace. A straightforward leader who is here to execute the projects not just well but better without a drama.

It is not easy to help I know, so I salute to these advocates. Anyway, our life in this world is short, let’s make a difference, one step at a time.


AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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