Elabram Systems Indonesia has annual event on year end, and this year is no exception. We held event of gift exchange and movie night. every year end, whole staff of Elabram Indonesia is gathered. each person get random gift that is given by other staff.

after gift exchange, the event is continue to movie night. usually movie night was taken place in Elabram Systems Indonesia’s office, but this year movie night is taken place on local cinema.

This event is held to gain closer engagement among the staff and better communication. Also employees have sense of belonging in the organization.

PT Elabram systems focus on manpower outsourcing business since 1999. The business keeps grow and become the leader of manpower business in South East Asia. For more information, visit https://blog.elabram.com/



Written by: Rizky Anggara

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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