Elabram Systems Malaysia and Indonesia have been successfully participating in Fish Philosophy Training. The full-day training is aiming to create a better work atmosphere and customer-oriented service.

As Elabram Systems is expanding even better, we know that customers are our main focus. Their experiences with Elabram is one thing we work to. We want to create fun atmosphere at work and focusing on customer experience.

Hosted by Daniel Tan as Group Director of People and Performance Department, also the certified trainer of Fish Philosophy, the training was attended by all staffs of Elabram Systems Malaysia and Indonesia. On the training, we learn how to appreciate others and make their day, stay fun and positive at work.

We hope that Fish Philosophy training will inspire staffs to have fun at work, enjoy every task, spread the positive vibes among others, and give the best experience to clients and customers.


Concept by: Rizky Anggara

Design by: Risky Ramanda

Written by: Novrisa Wulan

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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