Are you one of the subscribers of Netflix or other entertainment platforms? More than once, their Recommendation list fits you. Do you ever wonder how they pick the films for you?

The professional who responsible for this is known as a data scientist.

Before we become fully understand of who a data scientist is, we need to take a closer look at the definition of data science.

According to Edureka, data science is a combination of various fields including statistics, programming, and algorithms. So, it’s basically an understanding of all sources containing data. This data is compiled to be formulated as a matter of consideration to make a business decision.

If you’re working on a project and you need to collect deep insight about what your customer or related market interested now. Let’s say, internal survey isn’t enough to help you gathering specific data. Hence, you need various data involving questionnaires, surveys, and so on. The data that you have gathered as the results will then be analyzed again to meet your company’s need.

Data science can be taken by all industries and professionals who use a big amount of data at work, such as IT professionals, marketing professionals, finance professionals, healthcare industry, media, and retailers. A data scientist will be responsible to analyze huge data to understand complex behaviors, trends, and interferences. He/she investigates leads and try to connect the pattern or characteristics within the data and spot trends.


Skills that You Need to Be Successful as a Data Scientist

As mentioned before, a data scientist can work in various industries. Thus you need a set of skills to be successful in analyzing the complex data. Here are some skill set that you need to be a data scientist:

  • Analytical skills to see patterns and trends from a large amount of data
  • Creativity to spot and connect trends in data and explain them
  • Communication skills to explain the data to people
  • Mathematics skills, particularly in multivariable calculus and linear algebra
  • Programming and technical proficiencies.

Please be noted that not all of the technical skills must determine your success as a data scientist. Despite all those requirements seem too complex to be mastered, the real data scientist should at least have strong analytical thinking. The rest of the technical skills will get better once you’re in the industry and learning by doing.


The Demand for Data Scientists

According to a survey by EMC2 last year, over the next 5 years, the demand for data scientists will somewhat outpace the supply of talent by 32 percent. The same survey also measured that the best source of a new data science talent is 34% from students studying computer science, while only 12% participants see that Business Intelligence as the best source for new data scientists. So, if you have a college graduate in computer science, why don’t you consider to fill in the vacancy of this hottest job?

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Written by: Novrisa Wulan

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