Companies are utilizing many different kinds of office environments. Suitable office space and environment may boost up productivity and reduce stress among employees. Some office persists with traditional office style, some others create the most suitable environment. Here are some office space types you might consider

  1. Cubicle

Traditional cubicle style may give you more privacy and space to focus on your work. This type of office space gives you personal space and less distraction. You may decorate your own cubicle as you want.

The downside of the cubicle is lack of communication. A team or department with individual cubicle might find it’s hard to communicate and solve the problem together.

  1. Open space

In contrary to the cubicle, open space gives you the freedom to communicate among others. Open space also gives a spacious view of the office and natural light as there’s no partition like a cubicle. You may easily work together with your team, and even another team. Open space is also increasing work efficiency.

There are some disadvantages of the open space. A noisy office might occur, caused by loud voices among employees. This will give more distraction compare to a cubicle. Another disadvantage is less privacy. A job that needs privacy maybe not suitable for open space.

  1. Team cluster

The middle choice between the cubicle and open space, team cluster is offering a spacious yet private work environment. The basis of team cluster is grouping team into a cluster and designated zones in the office to ease communication and workflow.

The common mistake of this type is lack of meeting room. As every team is already clustered, people tend to forget that sometimes the duty is required two or more team to work together.

  1. Co-working space

The simplest way to explain, co-working space is a workspace that could be used by anyone regardless of the company. Co-working space has advantages in facility and networking. This type of office is really suitable for freelancer, startup company, individual or a small group employee.

Aside from the advantages, co-working space is likely lack of security. As it gathers many people from different background and company in one place. Another problem is privacy. Most co-working space offers open space style, so always mind your private data and belongings.

  1. On-site

Some jobs don’t have an actual office. The employees are working on site. This work area really depends on what is your job. Some on-site area like mining site needs really good security systems and protocols, the on-site “office” is suitable for you who prefer to work outside rather than in the office.

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Concept and written by : Rizky Anggara

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AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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