Melvi Situmeang joined Elabram Systems Indonesia as Junior Executive 7 years ago. When she started, she had zero experiences in handling a large number of resources. However, with her perseverance and willingness to learn, she was able to handle the circumstances. How did she overcome this challenge? How is she now? She shared her stories with us here.

Q: Hi Melvi, could you tell us about your first day at Elabram Systems?

A: “I joined Elabram Systems in 2012 as Junior Executive. I spent the next 6 years, till 2018, as Senior Key Account Executive—handling Huawei Tech Investment, Services, and being their headhunter consultant. That time, I had no experiences in handling resources hence very challenging. Thankfully, the internal team and manager helped me get through these struggles. I overcame the challenge by getting advice from the manager, actively discussed with the internal team.”

Q: Would you mind telling us about your current position at Elabram Systems Philippines?

A: “As the Assistant Manager MSO, I work alongside company’s management team and provide administrative and clerical support. The challenge is how to settling/supporting internal team in Elabram Systems Philippines, doing marketing to get new clients, and to understand Philippines Labour Law.”


Q: So, you have been long enough working with Elabram Systems. What makes you comfortable to work in Elabram Systems?

A: “This company helps me to grow, and I get what I deserve.”


Q: What is your biggest achievement so far?

A: “I received an outstanding performance review for 2 consecutive years. In 2016, I get promoted as Deployment Coordinator. Two years later, I get promoted as Assistant Manager. I also deployed to Elabram Systems Philippines. All these achievements won’t be possible with learning continuously, accepting challenges & criticism, following my passion, and setting deadlines.”


Q: You must have faced a lot of obstacles during your 7 years in Elabram Systems. However, what is the most difficult challenge you’ve ever faced in Elabram Systems?

A: “Seven years ago when I joined Elabram Systems Indonesia as a Junior Executive, I had to handle client & resources. It was hard as I didn’t have experience in that. With the endless support from the management, I ultimately changed after the first year. I learned a lot and the company provided training to help me to develop myself. The first year of my career was the toughest, but I was proud of how hard I tried. I managed to solve challenges in my first year by learning a lot, asked advices from the manager. Created good communication among the team.”


Q: Let’s talk about your relocation to the Philippines. How was your first week?

A: “I felt thrilled. February 25th, 2019, the company offers a deployment to the Elabram Systems Philippines. I want to have a high-potential career development, so I accept the offer. Though I’m having the language gap at first, I try learning a few important phrases in local language & use the technology to practice online.”


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