Every once in a year, Muslims across the world is welcoming Ramadan by fulfilling one of their obligations, fasting for 30 days. Like it or not, fasting influences our concentration while doing some work. This could happen because our brain is lacking nutrition. Anyhow, don’t let this become your main reason to skip fasting or letting your work undone. Despite without food and water for 14 hours, we can keep our work as good as usual. Here are some tips.


  1. Sleep Sufficiently

Sleeping has a major impact on the body. Therefore, insufficient sleeping hour may distract your ability to concentrate and memorize information. To minimize the negative effect, set some time to sleep around 7-8 hours a night. Remember that you should wake up later to do suhoor, so don’t sleep too late. Make a habit to sleep early, after Tarawih prayer and dinner. Repeat this sleeping habit every day including on weekends.

  1. Consume Nutritious Food at Suhoor

For maximum concentration and focus, pay attention to the food you’re eating. Pick balance nutritious menu on suhoor and iftar. On suhoor, consume vegetables and fruits which consisting B, C, E vitamin and magnesium, such as orange, carrot, and spinach. These food are recommended to keep your concentration as the day goes by.

  1. Take Some Light Exercises

In addition to healthy food and sufficient sleep, regular exercises are also important to your body. According to research from Illinois University, exercises can increase cognitive brain function that controls focus or attention. You still can do light exercise such as walking while you’re fasting —  take a moment about one hour before iftar or 1-2 hours after iftar.

  1. Take a Little Break

Being productive doesn’t mean that you should stick to work without taking a break. Take at least 15 minutes to energize yourself, such as strolling outside the office, reading, light stretching, listening to the music, or taking a nap.

  1. Avoid Everything that Distracts You

Last but not the least, to keep your concentration you should avoid everything that bothers your concentration. Try the simple one first, such as turn your phone into silent mode while working and listen to instrumental music for concentration.

Aside from keeping good concentration while fasting, repeating those tips might also develop a new healthy habit. Share these meaningful tips to your beloved friends and fellow office mates so they can also enjoy their fast days. 

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Concept and written by : Rizky Anggara

Design by : Risky Ramanda

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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