Preparing your best CV is beneficial to get an interview invitation and makes the company easier to find their best candidates. To impress the recruiter with your CV, there are some tips from our careers consultant, Farah Daniaji.

Farah Daniaji has joined Elabram Systems Indonesia since 2016 as a careers consultant, specialized in telco. Her daily routine as a career consultant is handling candidates, from sorting until contract signing, with up to 100 resumes are sorted every day. Based on her experience, she gladly shares her tips about interview session.

Q: Hi Farah, can you share us some preparation for the interview?

A: “Yes, before facing the interview, you have to know about some points. Do a little research about the company and the job you apply, also you have to prepare any documents required, such as identity and diploma certificate.”


Q: Some candidates find it’s hard to answer the questions in the interview. Can you share your tips about how to answer the questions?

A: “Typically, the questions are about yourself and your experience. So, just be yourself and answer them clearly and honestly. Another type of question is the behavioural event question, like ‘How do you handle a stressful situation?’”


Q: Do you have tips to answer that type of question?

A: “Yes, we call it STAR method. It‘s started with State the situation, means you have to explain the condition, like when, where, and what is your duty on that situation. Then, Task to be done, means you have to state the challenge or task that you’re about to face. Followed after, the Action you take, explain what you do briefly toward the task or challenge. And last, the Result of that action. Use this method and you can clearly answer the behavioural event question.”

Q: Is it true that the interview session is about the skill and how you deliver the answer?

A: “In fact, speech delivery is not the main element. According to Dr. Albert 

Mehrabians, there are elements in communication. First, 55% is a gesture, means your eye contact, facial expression and body gesture really matter on the interview session. Next 38% is tone, means how you speak and tonality of your voices. The rest 7% is speech, that means in the interview session, your words are not the only aspect you have to concern. Your gesture and your tone also need to be concerned.”

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AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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