As the career consultant manager of Elabram Systems Indonesia, Widya Anugrah’s daily work is including making a phone call to a candidate. She knows that hospitality on the phone call is paramount. know the importance of the phone call, Widya shares  some phone etiquette to us, here are 12 etiquettes when you make a phone call



  • Learn about the object


Explore the background of the object before calling them.



  • Be professional


Create good impressions to candidates. Say ‘yes’ instead of ‘yeah’.



  • Quiet place


Try to eliminate outside distractions while discussing options with the candidate.



  • Know purpose before the call


Explain the purpose of the call and don’t talk out of context.



  • Determine the value


Describe to the other person of their values and why we contact them to create more excitement towards our offer.



  • Control the conversation


Maintain the conversation time period (max. 15 mins/call) and focus on what are the information required based on the requirements.



  • Start with a smile


Starting with a smile will create a positive vibe that affects the voice tone to be friendly.



  • Identify yourself


Use proper greetings, introduce yourself along with Company Profile and what it does.



  • Articulate your needs


Be clear with what you want to offer to the other person and with clear sentences.



  • Remember your manners


Simple “please” and “thank you” goes a long way.



  • Get the 2-way communications


Open 2 ways of communications, get the other person to explain about themselves. remember that good communication is 2-way communications.



  • Wrap up the calls


summarize the whole conversation and make sure both you and person you talk with are on the same ground. do this to prevent miscommunication.

making phone calls for some jobs is paramount. This etiquette may give you insight about a phone call. and if you want a better career in the hospitality industry, we have many vacancies for you here



Concept and written by : Rizky Anggara

Design by : Risky Ramanda

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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