The long vacation is eventually over. It’s time for you to back to reality and jump back to a normal routine. We know your energy is drained but all the office life ought to back as usual.  Here are 6 tips to survive the first days, and get yourself motivated at work.

1. Make a Plan and Stick to It

Make a list of items you must get done on your first day back to the office. Sometimes you find it’s hard to get focus on the first day back from vacation. Your to-do list will help you to organise things you have to do and its urgency level.

2. Bring Signature Food From Your Trip Into the Office

One thing that can reminisce you about the vacation is food. So, it’s a good idea to bring some signature food from the place you’ve visited and let the food energise you.


3. Listen to Music

Music is a great trick to create a positive environment. It will help your mind to focus. Try to play your favourite song or song you like while you were on vacation to boost your mood.

Karaoke session is a good way to create positive vibes. Mumbling or humming to the song you listen is a trick to keep you awake when you feel sleepy due to lack of sleep during a holiday.


4. Start a Vacation Conversation

You are not the only person who just back from a vacation. Try to share your story and hear theirs. Get yourself motivated by vacation story and how they spent their times. Try to keep the vacation atmosphere remains a little longer on your office.

5. Make it a Long Lunch

Head to lunch and make it a little longer than you normally did. Invite your co-workers or rejoice it yourself If you have lunch with your co-worker, start a conversation about vacation, you may also plan your next vacation. If you go alone, you may bring a book or earphones. Enjoy the moment and relax while you have your meal.

6. Plan Something After Work

Create an after work plan with your friend. This non-work related activity will keep your mood and give you something to look forward to during the day. Even if you are not ready to go back to office life, you have something exciting to wait just after you finish the day.

Keep yourself motivated is the key to stay focus and survive the first days after a long vacation. And if you are ready to get a better career, we have some vacancies here.



Concept and written by : Rizky Anggara

Design by : Risky Ramanda

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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