Industry 4.0? What is that? To most of us -it is a foreign word that is merely used as a marketing buzzword. However, it is bigger than that, and it is integrated everywhere. From using voice-activation virtual assistant in your smartphones to help you book a haircut appointment, utilizing face ID recognition to producing 3D printed bionic arm for the handicapped.

But let us dive deep into this term – what exactly does Industry 4.0 means? And how do you, fit into the equation?

Meaning of Industry 4.0
Coined by the founder of World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab, he describes it as the technological revolution, that “blurs the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres”. Known as Smart Manufacturing, computers in this era are connected to one another – they talk to each other, understand the goals given and ultimately make decisions with the provided Big Data to work towards achieving that goal without human involvement.

What Can Industry 4.0 Do?
Now that we know what it is, time to look into its abundant applications it has in store for us.

1. Address potential threats before they escalate.
It is impossible that we humans can find out what went wrong in the system within a short period of time. But the machines from Industry 4.0 can. Their incredible capabilities to collect a vast amount of data, analyse them and inform the possible maintenance or performance issues makes them invaluable to optimise operations quickly and efficiently.

2. Enhances your team’s collaborative strength
Thanks to a combination of cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things and cloud computing-imagine all the real-time data and intelligence you can have the access to. This will, in turn, make you better decision makers while managing day-to-day responsibilities whether you are an operator, an executive or a manager.

3. Reduces Costs, Boosts Profits and Fuels Growth
Those robotics, autonomous equipment and vehicles you often see at warehouse and shipping docks? Especially beneficial for supply chain management, they are here to help you manage and streamline all aspects of your manufacturing processes- from handling products, transport shipping containers to many more.

But Is There A Catch to It? In Other Words – What Are the Possible Challenges Faced?
Unfortunately, there are. As technological advancements are increasing more rapidly, they create demand for new skills that many workers don’t have, which some are still highly focused on physical labour. And sooner than we think, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will dominate many industries and cause a disruption in the job requirements, eliminating many existing jobs.

Whether you like it or not, the Industry 4.0 is here to stay. The question is; are you going to be the worker that dispels the idea of integrating this high-end informational technology (IT) into your daily operations? Or will you be a part of a fast-forward thinking workforce that embraces the change and bring about the necessary technological aids that will revolutionise the way your entire organisation operates and grows?

The decision is in your hands. And if you are not ready, perhaps it is time to catch up. We have some vacant positions if you are ready to shift your career, here



Concept and written by : Rizky Anggara

Design by : Risky Ramanda

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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