Weaving words that best describes your job interest in just within the one-piece document can be quite a dreaded task. Who knew writing a cover letter can be extremely daunting? You may have sought out good samples online and thinking, why should I go through such lengths to impress someone while I can just let my resume speak for itself?


In truth, your resume alone will not be enough. Impressive cover letters are that golden tickets to tell your prospective employers who you are犀利士
, what you are truly capable of and most of all, make you stand out from the rest of the candidates in ways that your resume can’t. And the last thing you need is for your cover letters to end up in bins.


Don’t put off writing that cover letter! Complete it by following these useful tips and tricks that’ll have employers knocking at your door for interviews in no time:


You Should:


  1. Personalise Each Cover Letter for Different Companies

A common mistake that candidates make too often- most candidates “recycle” the same cover letter for the last ten companies they applied at. Hiring managers can identify this mistake too easily, and this shows your insincerity in your job application. Instead, tailor your content to the job requirements and express how your unique combination of skillsets can add value to the company.


  1. Cut the Formality and Craft An Eye-Catching Opening Paragraph

Much can be said within just a simple paragraph by striking an engaging, attention-grabbing and killer-opening line that will leave a lasting imprint. Let your personality shine – professionalism is a must, but no one said you couldn’t aim for a genuine yet open tone and show off why you’re the most suitable person for the role!


  1. Accentuate Your Most Valued Experience

All of us have different working experiences and some stood out most which paved the way in shaping the strengths you acquired today. Talk about those more- expand them and elaborate on your challenges faced, how you overcame them and what achievements you’ve pocketed throughout the projects you’ve undertaken.


And With That, You Shouldn’t:


  1. Make The Cover Letter Too Long

Yes, Keeping It Short And Simple (K.I.S.S) is the key. You can be direct and yet get creative! Keep it to three paragraphs and nothing more than one page. Do skip lengthy exposition and avoid cliche terms and phrases that are used too frequently like “team player” or “hardworking” that are usually off-putting.  And this is crucial- don’t repeat what your resume already mentioned.


  1. Apologise For Missing Experience

Have you written these -“Despite my limited time/experience working as manager/ executive…” or “while I did not originate from the marketing industry…”? If you have, stop now! Don’t bring attention to your limitations. Erase those and focus on your strengths, your transferable skillsets and your positive attributes that have kept you going during your previous job’s trying times.


  1. Send It Without Someone Else Checking It

Now that you have finished your cover letter, you want to know if it exceeds expectations. Why not get someone to go through it before you hit the “send” button? There shouldn’t be any qualms on passing it to your friend or your close ex-colleagues! Besides you proofreading it, they can help you identify areas that you may have missed. Ask them these questions – “Does it excites you while reading it?” or “Will you shortlist me based on this?” If the answer is no, time to give the letter another go.


Overall, it should not be a complicated task that prevents you from advancing further in securing job interviews. These tips are applicable for both graduates and job-seekers alike.


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Concept and moderated by : Rizky Anggara

Written by : Michell.Lee

Design by : Risky Ramanda


AUTHOR: Aulia Rizki
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