When life gives you lemons, you of course – make delicious lemonades with them! And that is exact mantra the young, vivacious Kalix lived by. From someone shy and reserved to taking up the mantle of leadership, she has certainly charted a long but fruitful journey with Elabram Systems. Curious to know how she got here? Let’s hear her out as she shares with us some interesting highlights of her career:

Q: Hi Kalix! So tell us, what was it like when you first entered Elabram Systems?

A: “I was only 23 when I first stepped foot into the company as the Finance Admin Assistant in 2007. Since it was my first job right after I graduated, you can imagine my nervousness in joining the workforce! Plus being an introvert at that time, I found it slightly challenging for me in communicating with my colleagues. However, time does tell and I’m grateful that my surrounding colleagues are all friendly and helpful in bringing me where I am today.”


Q: Can we know which position you currently hold at Elabram Systems and what are your responsibilities?

A: “I am now the Group Senior Manager for People & Performance and I oversee Human Resource Operations in all business units. As I deal mostly with people, my everyday challenge revolves around employees and their difficulties faced at their workplace including areas of engagement and performances.”


Q: I see that you’ve been with the company for 12 years now. What makes you stay?
A: “It’s important to me that in an organisation’s top management gives plenty of opportunities for their employees to grow and be open-minded to hear suggestions and feedbacks. And that is what I experienced right here, at Elabram. The management always hears us and they value their employees as the main assets of the company.”


Q: Apart from work, what’s the best thing about working at Elabram?
A: “The list could be endless – interactive lunches, brainstorming sessions, celebrations, company trips, and amazing team building sessions! ”

Q: Did you have an inkling that you’ll hold this position today? And how did you managed expectations that come at you?
A: “I didn’t have any big dreams at that time. The only thing I told myself is to work hard and do my very best in everything I do. I am thankful that there are great leaders around and I followed their direction and guidance that’s given.

You can say that I was thirsty for knowledge. I was willing to listen to every feedback received, change if necessary and improve myself to be a better employee.”

Q: Do you see yourself anywhere within the company in 5 years?

A: “Perhaps a spot within the top 5 directors in the company? And of course, financial freedom!”


Q: Any advice to the younger generation who just started their career?

A: “Don’t let negativity and tiredness kill your dreams! Do more, learn more, be faster and get smarter! Be willing to constantly learn is the ultimate key to success. Most importantly, it might be hard to do at most times but dare to speak out and dare to make mistakes.

Your lessons learned are your biggest takeaways that will carry you far not only in your work but also in life. Just stand up from every fall! Remember, you only live once.”

Interested to find out more about Kalix and get her insights on your work inquiries? You can check out her profile here. Or as an employee at Elabram, do you also have intriguing stories to share with us? Do tell! Just contact us here to see how you can do it.


Concept and moderated by : Rizky Anggara

Written by : Michell.Lee

Design by : Risky Ramanda

AUTHOR: Aulia Rizki
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