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Just recently, we covered a topic on how to handle tricky questions asked during a face-to-face interview. What about phone interviews? Yes, you have done your background research on the companies you’ve applied for, prepare your responses and even got your friend in on conducting a mock interview with you. And here comes the awaited the moment -the phone finally rang.

Phone interviews can get a little awkward as you’re revealing information about yourself for the first time to a complete stranger. Nevertheless, these phone interviews are your tickets to secure your candidacy for a job. How do you ensure you don’t blow it?

We have compiled you a list of Dos and Don’ts on how to prep for a successful phone interview:


The DO’S

Start off With A Proper Phone Etiquette

Make sure your voice is clear before you speak and you can begin introducing yourself with a simple “Hi good morning/ afternoon. This is (say your name).” If you are unwell, best to focus on recovering and reschedule the phone interview to the following day. Listen carefully to the interviewer and speak only when he or she finishes talking.  Address them by title Mr. or Ms and only call them by their first name if they requested you to.

Focus, Listen And Enunciate

Remember that you can’t see the interviewer’s expressions – hence the interview will require your full attention!  Listen carefully to the questions asked and seek clarification if you are unsure what the interviewer says. You don’t want to assume that she or he said something which is totally unrelated to the question!

Take Your Time to Answer The Questions

Do you have your prepared answers ready? Good. Even if you have rightfully prepared them, do not get overwhelmed by your confidence (and don’t get too nervous!). Take a few seconds to think on how to best respond to that question and carefully compose your answer accordingly. Then speak slowly and clearly when you reply. Take a moment or two if you have to.

Have Your Questions Ready

Nothing conveys more initiative than having your questions prepared for the interviewer! Based on the overall flow of the interview, ask the interviewer a few questions at the very end. They can be as generic to working hours right down to expectations they have for the candidate (you), once you have secured the job.

Send A Follow Up Email After The Interview

Now that the interview has ended, why not strengthen your positive impression with a thank-you note to the interviewer? In the thank-you email, you can reiterate your interest in joining the company and indicate that you look forward to a positive reply. You can even share more details on your qualification if you didn’t manage to share it during the phone interview.


And The DON’TS (Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You!)

Do Not Interrupt The Interviewer

This is truly the time to display your best professional mannerism. Watch your tone – avoid from talking over your interviewer or even attempting to answer before he or she finishes. Allow them to finish their sentences before you speak and another great tip to note; turn-off your call-waiting function during the call.

Do Not Take a Phone Call on A Speaker Phone And In Public

You wouldn’t want crying baby noises, children’s loud laughter or conversations around you to distract you, do you? Secure a quiet space in advance – be it a conference room, a quiet corner in a cafe, garage or even in your car. Minimise interruptions and get a good phone service, comfortable seats – anything that will enable you to direct your full focus on ensuring a smooth interview.

Refrain From Talking Excessively

Take a deep breathe – we know that you get enthusiastic when the call came in and got eager in sharing your experiences! However, speaking too long may cut off the interviewer’s interest and perceive you as a person that lacks the ability to listen well. One more useful tip: K.I.S.S – Keep It (your answers) Short and Strong!

Avoid Multitasking

Think again – will it be a right idea to switch on your TV in the background, eat your lunch or browse the Internet during your call? While the interviewer is talking, it is important to let him or her know that they have your utmost concentration. Hence pay attention, and do not be working on something else.

This list may seem like a no brainer but trust us – you will need them when the time comes! Be on your way to ace the interview and if you are ready, click here and apply for our vacancy to test these out.

AUTHOR: Aulia Rizki
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