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What do you get when you integrate “transform” and “lead” together? Brace yourself for something rare; this mix will place you in the incredible hands of someone who goes through lengths to inspire positive changes and bring the impactful outcomes to those who follow them. If you managed to fall under their leadership, you are one lucky staff!

However, if not – don’t fret! Why not you be the force of change within your company? You can start by implementing the transformation you want to see through various methods and become an ideal leader exemplified by others.

What It Means To Transform and Lead

An ideal leadership style indeed – a transformational leader is one who focuses on energy, vision, and transformation with the very aim to create positive change in the personal and professional lives of individuals. You will notice that these leaders can easily garner trust, respect, and admiration from their followers wherever they go and they are proven to generate higher performance and improved well-being among group members, according to a researcher Bernard M. Bass.

Their Strong Characteristics- How To Spot Them:

Did you recently come across anyone that has any of these traits below? See if any of your managers, colleagues or even yourself have some, if not all of them in you:

No. 1: They Are Always Humble

When you are placed in such a high position of power, it is difficult to refrain from your ego taking over. However, transformational leaders take such great care not to fall prey into such a “power trap”. Never in their mind will they ever allow their ego to interfere in doing what’s best for their organisation, and they always put the company first over their personal gain!

No. 2: They Dare To Make Difficult Decisions

How often do you wish you can avoid making difficult decisions? Well, transformational leaders do not shy away from such situations -instead, they willingly embrace them with a clear focus on their values, objectives and ultimate goals they wish to reach. For them, they believe that facing adversities of different amplitudes are the cornerstones of successful achievements.

No. 3: They Practice Good Self Management

How can you start leading others when you haven’t start with yourself? That is exactly what transformational leaders do, and they are fueled from within. Their high internal motivation drives them to effectively manage not only themselves but also others and help steer the right direction for the organisation. Their secret? They love what they do, of course!

No. 4: They Are Able to Take Calculated Risks

Everyone knows the dangerous ramification behind risks and perhaps aren’t brave enough to take on them, much less on calculated ones. Nevertheless, even with the fear of the unknown – transformational leaders use both of their instincts and intelligent data to come out with informed decisions. They are well aware that the lack of risk will inhibit the arise of potential advancements and their ability to grow.

No. 5: They Are Willing To Listen and Adopt New Ideas

Does your leader welcome feedback and suggestions? If they do, that’s another plus point! They never fail to acknowledge that every success is built on a team effort from all levels of cooperation within a company. Such leaders cultivate the culture of openness and take on the effort to incorporate their ideas and insights into fine-tuning a project. After all, no man is an island.

No. 6: They Always Inspire And Motivate Others Around Them

Experiencing a lack of encouragement or motivation to complete your tasks? If your leader is a transformational one, that will be the least of your worries. There’s nothing more inspiring than having someone that knows how to motivate their staff to rise to the occasion at any given situation. They give more than just a “good job” praise, and they also value your contribution to the organisation and push you to be better.

No. 7: They Have A Clear, Organisational Consciousness

Transformational leaders know the true meaning behind this quote, “united we stand, divided we fall”. Closed-knitted, successful organisations understand that everyone’s roles are important and all have their own parts to play. Hence being a transformational leader, they are so well attuned to the feelings and organisational consciousness of their teammates that they can elicit desired actions from each of them to spur growth.

No. 8: They Have A Clear Vision On What They Want To Achieve

No greater leaders speak volumes than having a crystal-clear vision! While making sure that their vision is realistic and in place with the company’s values and mission, these leaders are adept at effectively enabling you in visualising their direction. They are laser-focused on what they want, and how to get it. The best part? They can passionately convey the vision to their staff at the same time instill a commendable sense of commitment within each of them!

Having found such an extraordinaire often equates to a discovering a needle in a haystack. You don’t have to wait around forever to stumble upon them. Why not be your own muse and start embodying these characteristics! Seek help and don’t be afraid to push yourself. Soon, you’ll be on your way to empowering not only you but also your team members around you towards developing positive differences.

Do you already possess a few of these attributes yourself? Then kudos to you! We need more individuals like you, and we have the perfect place for you to thrive. Apply here and find out more.

AUTHOR: Aulia Rizki
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