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This word is used prevalently everywhere – cloud, cloud, and cloud. Is your data on cloud? Did you backup your data on cloud yet? How’s your cloud working so far?

No, they are not asking about the weather – they are talking about cloud computing. Not only it has become largely popular for users to store their data such as music, movies, and other media, but businesses have also embraced the use of cloud for its highly reliant security and storage capabilities.

What is cloud computing?

To understand this term, let us break it down into two sections. The term “cloud” refers to servers that contain software, networks, and database that can be assessed using the Internet. On the other hand, “computing” simply means the act of using or operating computers.

Hence, when you combine these two – “cloud computing” means you practice the access of multiple networks of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage and process data rather than having to do it through a local server or a personal computer.

Thanks to “virtualisation”, imagine being able to access these remote servers from any parts of the world! With its endless possibilities, let us tell you why it became most businesses’ preferred way  of operation through its myriad of benefits:

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No. 1: Being Cost Efficient And It Helps You Save Tons of Money!

Every preliminary setup comes with a huge cost, and this is no different when you have to purchase the infrastructural parts individually, install the hardware from scratch and maintain the physical server from time to time. If you use cloud computing, there will be less headache on maintaining the in-house parts and systems as your service provider helps you take care of that.

According to the Global Cloud Services Market report, you can potentially save up to more than 35 percent operating cost each year. Say goodbye to carbon footprint and paper waste!

No. 2: You Can Enjoy High Amazing Accessibility, Wherever You Go

How do you think we now have work-life balance even more than before? Built-in for the corporate staff that is always on the go, you can conveniently keep your clients instantly updated. By riding on high-speed Internet connectivity- files, photos, documents can be readily and effortlessly exchanged with your co-workers, freelancers, vendors, and remote staff – real-time.

Yes, a large amount of data can be accessed via smartphones and smart devices with just a single click or share of a button!

No. 3: It Backups And Restores Data Quickly

Backup is extremely important during unpredicted times of natural disaster, power outages, theft or unforeseen malfunction. You’ll never know when any of these incidences strike, and cloud computing goes the extra mile in providing data backup and recovery process, automatically. That’s how you can perform your work functionality at any hours of the day!

In a recent survey by Rapidscale, 20% of cloud users claimed disaster recovery is possible in four hours or less.

No. 4: High Flexibility and Scalability

For many small-time businesses, you can only do so much – upgrading your tech functionality at the same time reaching your business goals. However, when it comes to business expansion, cloud computing allows you to scale according to your budget. If you are running out of cloud storage, you can contact your cloud storage provider to help you increase it in a matter of just minutes. The same goes for decreasing it when you don’t need unnecessary space!

No. 5: Your Data Security is Covered

A major concern among business owners that may result in million-dollar losses, it is proven that cloud-based storage is much more secure than depending entirely on a physical data center. Besides providing you with their best software solutions suited to your business needs, a cloud host’s full-time job also involves careful monitoring of your data’s security.

With cloud computing’s top security solutions in place, you’ll have fewer worries about coming across these unwanted data breaches, ensuring full protection of your sensitive information and transaction details. You can even customise your security settings as an added security measure!

No matter which industry you’re from, have this digital “power” at your fingertips to make you a more agile and competitive player. Why waste your time and effort any longer sweating on setting up the entire infrastructure all by yourself? Just leave it to the experts.

If your company has yet to migrate to cloud, it is the time to do so before you missed out on reaping the rest of its benefits. There are plenty more advantages to this list! Follow our blog here to make sure you don’t miss out on our next articles.

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AUTHOR: Aulia Rizki
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