Elabram - iFish Training in Philippines

After successfully organised FISH Philosophy training for both Malaysia and Indonesia, Elabram recently held the same training in Elabram Systems Inc (ESI) in the Philippines on 30 August 2019. This training encourages the ESI team to create a fun and positive working environment at ESI as well as to enhance their customer service skills especially when it comes to dealing with unpleasant everyday scenarios involving rude customers, demanding clients, and uncooperative colleagues.

Hosted by Mr. Daniel Tan as Group Director of People and Performance Department for Elabram Southeast Asia, the event was attended by all team members of ESI in hopes of generating positive vibes among the attendees, thus taking home with them a good, memorable experience every time they come to work.

Elabram - iFish Training in Philippines

As a customer experience-oriented company, Elabram always constantly improve their corporate performances, including their working environments that can affect employee performances. With more frequent training like these, we hope to spark happiness to anyone who comes into the office.

AUTHOR: Aulia Rizki
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