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Been dousing off at work lately? Struggling to pay attention while sitting through an important meeting?  Surely the last thing you want is your employer catches you nodding off during working hours. However, what’s one to do when you can’t help feeling sleepy at work?

“Why Am I So Tired?”

You’re not alone in this. There is plenty of underlying reasons for your fatigue; whether you worked overtime the night before, attended a late-night gathering, or most commonly – experienced insomnia. In Indonesia, a shocking 10% of the population (28 million) faced troubles in falling asleep due to anxiety, intense stress, and more severely, depression.

It could also boil down to these triggering factors:

  • Practicing hectic and unhealthy lifestyles
  • Overloaded with work, societal or peer pressure
  • Excessive use of technology gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc.

Try Out These 9 Ways To Overcome It

If you are seeking for solutions to prevent your midday slumbers, let us all break out from this vicious cycle of low energy and productivity by implementing these methods:

No. 1: Take A Walk Around Your Office

Or the environment that surrounds it! Get up from your chair, take a bathroom break, step out of the building for fresh air or have a quick chat with your co-workers at their department on the other side of the building. Once you return to your desk, you’ll find that you have better work productivity and gain a fresher perspective on things you never thought of before!

No. 2: Keep Yourself Hydrated

Our mothers are never wrong that water is indeed vital for our wellbeing. A recently published Physiological Report discovered a strong correlation between exercise-related hydration and a decline in visual and body motor performance. Therefore, have a cool glass or a bottle of water standing by. For best effect, drink more than 6-8 glasses a day. Avoid high-in-sugar drinks like soda or juices that can contribute to even more tiredness.

No. 3: Put On Your Favorite Upbeat Music

No, not your sappy, emotional songs – keep those for after work. Get your body energy rising from the music you play. A famous neurosurgeon Mr. Lesiuk proved that those who listen to music completes their tasks quicker and came up with better ideas than those who don’t. So, start by listening to classical music, nature or ambient sounds, video games soundtrack, or even songs that have inspiring lyrics! You’ll notice the difference immediately.

No. 4: Eat, or Chew On Some Snacks

Time to stock up your drawers with some edibles! No, not junk, make sure they are healthy snacks and store them in small portions. Consider these options: nuts, eggs, avocado, almonds, celery, cheese, skim milk or whole grains or basically just anything rich in protein for that extra energy boost. Whenever you feel the fatigue, pop them in. Maybe you’re just hungry.

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No. 5: Make Sure You Sit Upright

Posture is everything. Ever seen a sloth that slumps the entire day? Unless you can work with all that slothing, get your focus and energy back on track with some adjustments on your sitting position. Sit up, and straighten your back. You can even try a standing desk for size! If you must change your comfortable seat into a stiff-dining chair to stay awake, do it.

No. 6: Work In The Light, Not Darkness

There’s a reason why the day is divided into night and day. A well-lit environment can greatly boost your mood, energy level, hormonal balance, and work satisfaction. Open up your office’s blinds. Let natural sunlight come in. Or, you can install energy-saving lightboxes and lighting ergonomics. Your productivity wins, and the environment does too.

No. 7: Get Your Caffeine Fix

A cup of coffee does keep the lethargy at bay! Don’t believe in the magic of these roasted beans? Their stimulant properties will certainly improve your focus (unless you drank too much and you’re immune to it) from 4 up to 6 hours, or more in a day. However, being too dependent on it may result in the opposite effects – insomnia. Remember to drink with caution.

No. 8: Massage or Perform A Short Exercise

Stand up, put your foot out, stride to the left, and the right… and stretch front and back! Not only that, an excellent way to get your blood circulation flowing is to give yourself a quick massage at where your body sores. Rub the back of your neck, or even up your scalp to jolt yourself back into vibrancy!

No. 9 Take Your Power Nap

Perhaps the mother of all solutions, don’t deny your much-needed rest! Yes, you need your power nap to recharge. Don’t do it during your working hours – after lunch, have a shut-eye for 20 to 30 minutes at your work desk. Bring your head pillow for added comfort. You’ll find that it induces relaxation, reduced fatigue, improved work moods, increased alertness, and creativity.

Out of all the above recommendations, in truth- nothing can replace a good night’s sleep, best to slip into bed from 10 pm onwards for the next 7 to 9 hours.

Work is important, but don’t forget that it never ends too. There is a time for everything, and when your mind tells you that it needs a break – don’t ignore it. Give your body the rest it deserves.

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AUTHOR: Aulia Rizki
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