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Haven’t you heard of this phrase, “all fun and no play makes Jack (or you) a dull boy”? The end of the year draws near, so now is the time to delve deep into your personal growth, not just on your career improvements!

If you need a reminder that life is so much more beyond just work, here’s a list of activities to do after your office hours which are guaranteed to make a difference to your overall health and spiritual well being:

No. 1: Go For An Evening Stroll.

You definitely deserve a nice wind down after a long day at the office! Get your bum up, stretch up, plug in some of your favorite music and start with a relaxing stroll at your nearest park in the neighborhood or even the mall.

No. 2: Get Back To Reading.

Those books you bought are not meant to be your shelves decoration. Pick them up and just spend an hour enriching yourself – be it from self-help, motivational or even fictional stories.

No. 3: Go Hiking!

When you’re feeling stressed out, it’s time to connect with Mother Earth, truly the best healer! Work those legs muscles and breathe in the fresh air that you can’t get in the city. Best of all, you’ll be rewarded with picturesque scenery once you reach the top.

No. 4: Explore Interesting or Historical Locations

You think you know all the famous, hot spots in your city? If not, whip up the map and start plotting places! See the world from a different perspective and get inspired. They can be art galleries, museums, old buildings, and the list goes on.

No. 5: Go Food-Hunting

Passionate about food that is out of this world? Then fulfill your destiny as a true food connoisseur! Make a list of must-try cafes or restaurants and use the opportunity to make your dinners more memorable.

No. 6:  Catchup With Your Friends

Close friends that care and are genuine to you are hard to find. So keep them close, arrange for a nice drink and share your daily stories with them. Or even better, have a fun night of games and puzzles!

No. 7: Or, Organise a Get-Together with your Family

There’s no reason to put anything else above yourself other than your family. Plan a night out or a cookout, have a barbeque or steamboat session and invite as many people as you can! Trust us, you’ll have a wonderful time.

No. 8: Do Your Housekeeping Chores

Let’s admit it, when did you last kept your place clean? Studies have shown that a decluttered environment can increase one’s productivity and creativity. So start tidying up and eliminate those dust-vacuum, sweep, mop, wipe, whatever it takes!

No. 9: Master Your Cooking Skills

Aspire to be the next Gordon Ramsay? Just get some fresh ingredients on the way back from work, look up the recipes and start cooking. Your mum will be very proud of you.

No. 10: Pick Up A Workout Routine or Meditation Practices

Lazy to hit the gym? Why not sign up for classes that you’re interested in? They can be yoga, pilates, Zumba exercise or a new dance move to get your energy pumping. Learn the secrets of looking young, and staying healthy too.

No. 11: Volunteer at A Charity

Nothing adds more meaning to life than helping someone in need. Visit an orphanage, a pet shelter or at old folks home and lend your assistance. Give someone your time and put a smile on someone’s face.

No. 12: Attend Networking Events

Don’t be shy – come out of your shell and go for social networking sessions to build your professional connection! You’ll never know who you’ll meet that can contribute to your career success. They can be professional conferences, diversity groups, community services, etc.

No. 13: Signup for Learning Classes

Been holding back the urge to try something new? Time waits for no one – go for it! Whether it’s photography, art, cooking, pottery, handicraft, fashion, or even leadership development courses; any of them will bring you new fond memories and lessons to remember.

No. 14: Start Journalling or Blogging

Unleash your inner writer or clear your mind off negative thoughts by putting it onto paper. By focusing on what you’re grateful for in life, it automatically increases your positivity, lowers your stress and even helps you sleep better!

No. 15: Unplug To Recharge

When all is said and done, nothing is more important than having a good night’s sleep. Try hitting the sack earlier and savor the early night. Put on your favorite pajamas, some relaxing music and just soak in the comfortable bed.

What are you waiting for? No excuses allowed; start doing either one of them today! Perform them and see how each of these activities transform your life for the better.

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AUTHOR: Aulia Rizki
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